PARTNER ACCREDITATION CRITERIA connect Vegas visitors with established, financially stable & ethical companies of good repute that provide tours, entertainment services and access to venues throughout the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Accreditation by is only afforded to businesses or organizations that affirm compliance to the following standards:

1) To have operated in business within Las Vegas, Nevada for a period of not less than 24 months.

2) To fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements for the applicable jurisdictions within the City of Las Vegas and State of Nevada.

3) To be of sound financial standing with net company debts & liabilities not exceeding current company assets.

4) To be free of any Government action with regard to fraud, misrepresentation, misconduct or any other crime.

5) To advertise their products & services in an honest, complete and accurate manner.

6) To make a good-faith effort to resolve any issues raised by customers that may not be satisfied with their product and/or experience in a fair and reasonable way.

7) To safeguard the privacy of their clients and their respective personal data in accordance with City, State and National law.

8) To conduct their business & dealings with clients/partners with honor & integrity.